The FUSION After School program for KG-Gr3 is run at the Bethel Lutheran Church on Finch Avenue in Cupertino. The FUSION program for Gr4+ students is run at the St. Jude Episcopal Church in Cupertino. We pick up the children daily from local CUSD schools.  They are served a nutritious snack and enjoy free play with friends.  Hindi/Mandarin language classes are conducted 4 days a week and have two levels of learning - beginners and advanced.  After finishing their homework and FUSION Math work, students study language and participate in daily enrichment activities including Arts, Music, Dance, Sports & Yoga.  The goal is to give the students wholesome exposure in these areas and save parents from hectic activity schedules.  At FUSION we aim to educate and nourish the whole child.



The FUSION Hindi program focuses on conversational fluency while introducing students to alphabet recognition, reading, comprehension and writing.  Students will be encouraged to develop a vocabulary that allows them to think and express themselves in Hindi.  Daily practice and exposure to the language will reinforce sentence construction, simple grammar rules and situational conversations.  The students will learn poetry, read prose and participate in skits/plays as a means to gain mastery over the language.  

The Hindi program also introduces Indian culture, history, art, people, music and more as a way to enrich a students understanding of India.  Students will learn about leaders and famous Indian personalities.  They will understand the significance of traditional festivals and celebrations and enjoy these with their friends and classmates at FUSION.  At FUSION, we aim to expose students to the richness of the Indian language and culture so they can be proud of their heritage. 


Introductory Chinese language courses (For Non-Native speakers) 

Basic greetings and conversation, four seasons.  Learn to count 1-100, days of the week, telling time, months of the year, name body parts, colors, shapes, family members, Chinese holidays.  Learn to sing simple Chinese songs.

Basic Chinese language course (For Native speakers)  

Master 600-800 Chinese characters within one year.  Learn to write simple Chinese characters to master the correct order of strokes.  Build simple sentences; the ability to deepen the conversation.  Learn how to use some simple four-character idioms.  Learn to recite Chinese classic poems.  Learn Chinese culture and history.  Learn about China's major festivals.  Learn to sing Chinese songs.

入门中文  (无中文背景)

一年内能够会基本; 知道一年四季的中文名称; 会数数1-100; 会说时间; 会讲出身体各部位用语; 会讲出各种形状和颜色; 会说出家庭成员; 中文节假日名称


中文基础课   (中文背景)

一年内能够掌握600-800个汉字; 会写简单汉字,掌握正确笔顺; 会造简单句子;加深会话能力; 学会使用简单的四字成语; 会背诵多首脍炙人口的唐诗; 了解一些简单的中国文化和历史; 知道中国的各大主要节日; 会唱中文歌曲





At FUSION, the Math program is aimed at making math fundamentals strong while making math fun for everyone.  We work with students to clarify basic grade level concepts and reinforce them using standards based worksheets.  In addition, we help students become proficient in mental math, analytics and logic puzzles with weekly worksheets.  


The FUSION English curriculum aims to help a student to gain mastery over the English language using phonics, reading, spelling, writing, creative writing, elocution, speed recitation and drama.  We work with students to clarify their basic concepts in grammar and comprehension.  Students are given weekly worksheets in reading comprehension and analytics in subjects varying from fiction to science, history and general knowledge.  We encourage students to understand the basics of creative writing for poetry, story writing and play writing.  The English curriculum enables students to gain confidence in articulate expression and presentation skills. 


The FUSION Spanish program is aimed to provide older students an understanding of basic Spanish.  The students will be able to construct simple sentences, count up to 100, tell time and read short stories.  Students will also be introduced to the music, history and facts of Latin America and Spanish cultures including games, holidays, places to visit, art, people, foods and festivities.  


The FUSION ‘Fun’ program comprises hands-on science, invention/innovation, health & nutrition, manners & etiquette, gardening, trivia and more.  We help students understand and enjoy the concepts of physics and chemistry using hands-on experiments in electricity, magnetism, crystallization and more.  We encourage creative thinking by discussing and demonstrating invention and innovations through the ages.  Students are urged to learn about health and nutrition so they can develop healthy habits for an active lifestyle.  At FUSION we support environmentally friendly lifestyle and persuade our students to participate in growing and nurturing gardens and making our surroundings green and ecologically friendly. 


The FUSION Arts program aims to teach the fundamentals of art while allowing children to develop their creativity and confidence.  The program includes courses in drawing, sketching, cartooning, line art, various methods and styles of art, art history, and holiday crafts.  The program will allow students to learn about line, form, color, texture, composition and more as we support them to participate in art competitions and exhibitions.  At FUSION, we also encourage our students to illustrate their creative poetry and stories.


The FUSION music program will focus on basic note reading, ear training, rhythm, movement to music, expression, tonality and choir singing.  Using songs, fun hands-on activities and musical games, students will start to love singing, learn basic music theory while internalizing both melody and rhythm. The choir offers students a dynamic experience in music appreciation and vocal performance.  They will also learn confidence in front of parents and friends as they prepare songs for two community performances – at Christmas and End of the school year.


The FUSION dance program aims to teach students the fundamentals of rhythm and movement.  The class will focus on a variety of dance forms and music from around the world as it encourages creativity, positive attitude and coordination.  The students will gain confidence and stage comfort through community performances during the year.

Sports & Yoga

The FUSION sports program offers Sports classes all year round. Our children play Basketball, Soccer and do PE games during winter months.  The goal is to keep students active while providing them a fun environment in which they learn skill, respect and team work.  Year round, a certified Yoga Instructor will offer Yoga classes to help students develop a healthy body and mind. 


At FUSION we suggest that each student participate in the following three initiatives we strongly support.  We believe that these initiatives will help a child appreciate core values of life:

Plant a Tree 

Students are encouraged to embrace a thoughtful lifestyle that fosters respect for all life and supports a simple, clean, and green environment.  We recommend that students and their families contribute to this initiative by planting and growing a tree to mark special occasions such as a student’s birthday.

Donate a Book/Toy 

Students are constantly reminded that here in the United States we live a life of over indulgence.  We should take every opportunity to give to those that are less fortunate than us.  At FUSION we strive to inculcate these habits of thoughtfulness, empathy and sharing that are gifts of a lifetime.  We help students understand that more often “less is better” for a simple uncluttered lifestyle.

Educate A Child 

Students and their families are strongly encouraged to educate a less fortunate child from their native country for a small contribution a month.  At FUSION we want to establish an association between the student and the child you educate.  This greatly reinforces the idea that we live a very fortunate life and must be thankful for its comforts and luxuries.  It also puts our joys and sorrows in perspective of the global world we live in.