At FUSION we are aim to Nourish & Educate The Whole Child

- To foster lifelong love for learning and curiosity

- To instill hard work and discipline 

- To enhance creativity and individuality

- To inculcate a strong value system

- To nurture culture and tradition

- To encourage simple healthy living

- To prepare strong conscientious leaders for the new global world


The FUSION philosophy is to give each child a wholesome education with a focus on academic excellence and grounding in culture and tradition to maximize the child’s potential.  The child must strive to become confident and enthusiastic learners.  The child must build character and conduct consistent with our traditional values, most notably respect, compassion, sincerity, integrity, discipline, and thoughtfulness. The child must learn to practice arts, music, dance and sports for a healthy mind and body.   The child must be encouraged to embrace a thoughtful lifestyle that fosters respect for all life, and supports a simple, clean and green environment.  The child’s awareness of self must be developed, including a focus on positive attitude, concentration, how to achieve one's goals, how to work in cooperation and collaboration, and how to be a friend.

At FUSION we believe parents should not need to take their children from one activity to another.  A comprehensive education should provide the child all exposure and experiences necessary to make a complete child.  At FUSION we encourage families to enjoy quality time on weekday evenings and weekends.  


Anjali Arora, Founder & Director

Ms. Anjali has a Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, and an MBA in Organizational Strategy and Finance from the University of Rochester.  She has worked for over 10 years in the high tech industry in various roles ranging from Senior Business Consultant to Controller to Director of Marketing and Business Development.  In 1999, Ms. Arora co-founded an Internet B2B company with Prof. Ed Lazear (formerly Chief Economist for the White House). Most recently, Ms. Anjali was the Vice Chairperson of the Board at Villa Montessori School in Cupertino.  Ms. Anjali has taught math in middle and high school at the reputed Sardar Patel Vidyalaya in New Delhi.  For over 10 years, she has given private tutoring in math to middle and high school students.  

Ms. Anjali has a deep interest in the field of education, and a perspective on skills required to excel in today's global world. Her global education experience provides her keen insights into educating young minds.  Ms. Anjali believes that children should be strongly encouraged to develop a love for learning and the discipline to excel in life.  They must strive to gain mastery in Math and Science, acquire skills in arts, music and dance, and gather experiences in a wide variety of activities to get a wholesome education.  Ms. Anjali believes that a strong grounding in their own language and culture makes children strong individuals and leaders of tomorrow.  At FUSION, Ms. Anjali is delighted to bring it all together to provide the best education to children.

Yessica Cai, Member of Board 

Ms. Yessica has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and an MBA in Business Finance from Henley Management College in the UK.  She has over a decade experience in the financial industry.  She worked as an investment banker in London for 5 years, across a range of industries and in a number of geographical locations including Europe and Asia.  After moving to the US, Ms. Yessica held an Associate Vice President position at one of the major US banks and has extensive experience in business development and client relationship management.  Currently, she runs her own investment firm. 

Born and raised in China, Ms. Yessica has also lived in the Netherlands for over 10 years.  Her international exposure has given her a broad perspective to life and a deep understanding of the skills needed to succeed.  Ms. Yessica is passionate about children’s education and has served as the Treasurer of the Board at Villa Montessori School in Cupertino.